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Communion portraits nyc area

Communion girl St. Augustine Church, New City, NY

Communion portraits in the New York City area created by Beth Capuano Photography, West Nyack NY. Your child's First Holy Communion is a milestone for your family and is one of the most important times for your family to have professional photos.

I remember looking through the box of family photos in my childhood home in Peekskill, NY. I was amazed to see an old black and white photo of my dad as a communion boy. He was dressed in what could only be described as finery. So proud and poised in his communion portrait. Having seen this, I feverishly searched for the communion picture of my mom. But, sadly, it was not to be found. I think it just doesn't exist because it was never made. I felt sad for her but soon realized I was mostly sad for me. I would never see what my mom looked like on her communion day. I could never see the rosaries she carried, the lace of her dress, her little prayer book. Years later I had a similar experience sitting with my mother in law in her condo in Valley Cottage,

communion girl with family St Francis Church West Nyack NY

NY. She happily pulled pictures and it seemed with each picture she was reminded of another story of her communion day, a silly speech given by her dad, the walk to church, the smell of the spring flowers, the excitement of putting on her dress, and her wonder of the sacrament. It is amazing, really, how a photograph can trigger memories that have been tucked away for years....

I'm happy to help you preserve these memories for your children and family...We welcome you to make arrangements for your private photo session in our West Nyack studio. Or, if you prefer, we can come to you at your church or venue. Reach out and give us a call or send an email...845 348 0820 or We'd love to talk with you about your communion portraits!


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