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So......... many of you know that if Beth Capuano Photography, (sometimes called bethpics, gotta admit I love the nickname, thank you to whoever came up with it!) is the official photography studio for your school then we also cover home games. We've been doing this for a bunch of years now. I personally love photographing the games...its fun, exciting..I get my lungs filled with fresh air. And, once we shoot and proof the pictures we send them along to your yearbook staff so they can pick a few for the pages of the yearbook. Occasionally, I have heard moms say, "hey where can we see those pictures", " when do we get those pictures", etc.... And for a while I wasn't quite sure how to do that...I don't know all the players or how to reach out to you.... but then....ding ding ding.... duh!

I'll put them on our new website! The new website is so much easier to change and update pics and so it makes perfect sense! so....., after we shoot a game (now, mind you it may not be the SAME night or even the NEXT day) we will post them on the website. The pics will stay there until the next game we post.....etc...(just not enough room to keep them all there forever). So, if you don't see your game right away...keep checking back...

And...just so you know, its not my intention to sell these pics. Its a give back to the community for welcoming us to your school....reach out to me if there is one or two that you want and we'll get it to you. But be may or may not be instantaneous......depends on our day/week etc.

And. thanks so much. I love photographing your kids, schools and games. Thanks for having us!

oops.... I should mention...

go to

thats where the pics are....

beth capuano photography at Clarkstown North jv baseball

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