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Sports Illustrated inspired pictures of your local teams and athletes by Beth Capuano Photography in

Maybe its a dream of shooting for Sports Illustrated, or maybe that is just the inspiration. I remember waiting for that magazine to be delivered to our mailbox in front of my childhood home in Peekskill. Can't say I read it for the articles, but man, I could not stop looking at those awesome pictures. I couldn't wait to see the next cover and then the next. The incredible lighting in the sports portraits, and more incredibly those AMAZING action shots. Its a shame that magazine is not what it used to be....

But those memories keep inspiring me....

I think this is the reason I am so excited to photograph high school sports and local league team pictures. Its funny, while I'm photographing an athlete I'll ask about his or her position...they tell me..and more often than not...I really don't know what they are talking about!! hahaha, I'll tell them that too, but always worries... I know how to make an awesome picture. LOL

This love of photographing athletes started in our West Nyack studio taking pics of local high school seniors. When working with the boys it was always more interesting for everyone involved to really personalize the session. Kyle here played for Clarkstown South High School. At the time, I didn't realize I was photographing one our our counties star athletes! It became fun to follow along with his high school career...seemed he was always mentioned in the local papers. And now its fun to watch along as his mom posts pics of him playing in college!

So, this guy didn't just happen to become an awesome football player..he really worked at it. Of course during team practices but also constantly working out at a place called Freak Strength in Oakland, NJ. I am so inspired by the dedication of the young athletes all around us in Rockland County. I was photographing a basketball game between North Rockland High School and Clarkstown High School North and was blown away by the skill level of both teams. They moved so quickly, lightning fast both passing and stealing the ball, and running up and down the court. So much dedication to their sport.

So...I think, if your kid is going to invest so much time and energy into being the best they can be.....a professional picture of them featuring these great achievements is a truly wise investment.

oh, and.....this is not just for the boys.....

just wait and see....

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