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Take the stress out of it

yes, remove the stress......


wouldn't that be nice? stress is such a little evil doer...

One way we may be able to help you remove stress surrounding communion pictures for your little girl....

We have arranged for the very talented Lilly to be at our studio on April 14 to provide hair and makeup services for your little communion beauties!

Come to the West Nyack studio in your comfy cozy clothes, keep the beautiful dress safely under wraps in plastic......

Sit and relax while your little one is pampered and readied in the very same location as her formal traveling from place to place. No mussing the dress in the car! Once all the final touches have been applied, have her step into her dress, Lilly puts on the veil and voila! All done....let the pictures begin!

If you'd like to book a session on the 14th at our studio to include hair and makeup, give us a call 845 348 0820....don't wait too long...sessions are limited.

If you'd like to get in touch with lilly and make arrangements for another can call her directly at 845 480 4689.

Looking foward to seeing you soon!

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