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       So, lets do it!

It's really easy, and fun too!  At Beth Capuano Photography studio, located in West Nyack, NY, we photograph your communion child with traditional studio lights and natural light all in the same photo session.

 communion portrait beth capuano photography

So, why studio lights..It's so old fashioned.

Well, that may be true, studio lights have been around for like, well...forever.  

But here is what they do...

When lit properly, you can see the details of the lace on your communion dress, you can see the beads and sparkle....

Not only the sparkle on the dress, but the sparkle in your little communion girls eye.

You can see the details of her hairstyle, the buckle in her shoe.  You can see her whole communion outfit, it's sharp and focused because it is properly lit with studio lights.

Natural window light is sweet, and  creamy soft.

Using window light for communion pictures is a contemporary modern approach to this traditional  style portrait.  

In our natural light area in the West Nyack studio we are forever changing the background.  This area is a more realistic cozy setting.  We change furniture pieces to add pops of color.  it is also a great area to add your own personal pieces.  Things like family heirlooms...grandmas's roasary beads, grandpa's bible.  Little touches to personalize this communion portrait for your family.

Done correctly, we see the detail of the white lace against the white dress, we see beautiful beadwork and of course that beautiful smile.

In our West Nyack studio, we have huge custom window installed with window lit portraits in mind.  This light works beautifully for professional headshots and family pictures too.


you can bring the siblings too!

communion kid child family

So, as long as you are coming to the West Nyack studio for the communion pictures anyway.....

why not bring the rest of the kids??!!

This is a great chance to get really beautiful pictures of all your kids together.....and very sweet individual kids pictures too.  Of course we will fuss over the communion child and be sure they feel very special......

but why not

bring the rest of them.....

Beth Capuano Photography

741 West Nyack Road

West Nyack, NY

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