Here comes 19!


I feel like I've been waiting for you guys, for like, well forever.  But really its only been a few months since the last senior 18 was in the studio.  As soon as we are done with one year...I start thinking about the next.  Honestly worried about what can i do next to keep it interesting..for you and for me!  hahahaha!


Well, one thing we started playing with last year, film. No, no, not like camera film (although yes, it is dreamy and lovely and I really believe will come back as an art form....) but video.  We started playing last year and we had a lot of fun and learned a lot of stuff.  And, could say it is my new OBSESSION!  Ha!


So, you can look for more of that this year.  With maybe a little different approach than last year....

And we are busy painting areas of the studio I never thought I'd paint!!  And building sets that were never conceived until.....w