Looking for the perfect communion dress?

February 13, 2018


Looking for the perfect communion dress is exciting!  But,  certainly finding the perfect communion outfit can  be, well... a daunting task.  At times its seems like the options are endless....overwhelming even.  Some department stores may have many options.. a varied amount of designers, styles and sizes while other stores may have a hidden rack of white dresses somewhere in the corner of the kid's department.  You might be one of the lucky ones who shops early, finds the perfect dress and the perfect fit and it all makes your little girl super happy!  Or, you may end up making stops at the stores in the Palisades Mall then wondering  what they have at the Garden State Mall or the

Westchester? Then when you finally find the dress, the perfect fit, and you have a happy little girl.... but now, where to find those shoes??  The same department store, right downstairs in the shoe department?...Well if your luck continues.........but what are the chances of that happening...the veil, the shoes, gloves...a prayer book?  ugh....


Ever yearn for someone to help?  A perfectly designed boutique where the shopkeeper really knows the stock, the fit of each dress?  Where a qualified staff can make specific recommendations based on your little girls own style and personality?  A shop that can recommend the perfect veil to compliment the bead work of that special communion dress that has come to life on your baby girl? 


Well, the Hudson Valley is graced with just such a place  called Mimi's Treasures, located in Pearl River, NY.  Not only Is Mimi's Treasures a valued resource for the entire communion outfit, but you can make an appointment for one on one service.   You can be assured a warm welcome by a caring and competent stylist experienced at recommending the best accessories like veils, tiaras, gloves, shoes to compliment your dress selection.