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The best pics in the NY tri state area including babies, communions, seniors and family photos!


Modern fun and sometimes edgy senior pictures that might have jumped off the pages of seventeen and sports illustrated.  Only its happening here in your backyard. 

Join the many high school seniors in Rockland County, Westchester county, Northern Jersey and the tri state area who have had awesome senior pictures made by Beth Capuano.  We photograph in our West Nyack studio where we have a cozy garden, old "barn" and an incredible collection of authentic props.  Want to travel off site?  We are happy and excited to photograph you on location such as the jersey shore - LBI or Asbury park are favorite spots, local parks in New City or Saddle River or perhaps your own backyard...

Communion Pictures created for you to honor a deep family tradition but also capturing the fun silly kid that you know.  The communion child is photographed two using very traditional studio lighing and also in a very homey setting using natural window light....


Family pictures?  So many options.  Think of your family and your home.  Are you traditional, is your home decor traditional, your clothing?  Or are you more relaxed and loosey goosey?  Lets talk about it and create a family portrait that reflects your families unique style.


DISCOVER  the most awesome SENIOR  pictures.

COMMUNION  photos,


and FAMILY pictures

 in NY NJ CT tri state area

just 3 words

A couple of years ago, I was asked for just 3 words that described me, my photography style.  You know I've been thinking of it ever since.  I really don't know.  Someone close to me said "earthy", which made me think of the smell of dirt or maybe body really didn't like that word.  I like to think fun, or funny, because I like to make people laugh and to really laugh out LOUD.

  Sometimes I think soft and kind, but then when I'm settling into that idea, I think,,,now wait a minute...I love those hard edgy sports pictures I make too.  So what the heck..soft, fun,loud, smelly and edgy??  


Seems like a contradiction somehow.  But even so..

I love the beautiful soft pretty senior pictures, when we can catch the sunlight kissing the back of a senior girls just the right time and just the right angle. When her skin is perfectly lit and dewy, but then oh to catch her laughing and get the expression I know mom will love....

But then..... I get so freakin psyched when I create a hard edgy Sports pictures. To light and mold muscles right in front of my eyes (or lens in this case), or when photographing a game.... to catch a shot just right - with a ball in the air and the wide receiver feet off the ground and hands extended the second before he makes contact.  (Where oh where did that come from?)  I used to shoot weddings and bar mitzvahs and I hadn't watched sports since the 69 Mets. BUT i was always enamored with Sports Illustrated, you guessed it, for the pictures.  So, for now....we'll stick with 

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